Monday, August 17 | Day 4

Monday morning we pack up our campervan and head towards Page, Arizona. We are going to cut across Desert View Drive, so we can drive along the canyon and see a bit more.

The next stop on our adventure is the Navajo Bridge in Marble Canyon, Arizona. This was something we stumbled upon during our research. The Navajo Bridge crosses over the Colorado River north of the Grand Canyon. This is going to tingle our feet for sure, as we are both afraid of heights and the bridge is 467 feet above the river.

If we don’t suffer any panic attacks, we will move onto a different state. Yes, you read that right. We found out we can dip into Utah with only a 15-minute detour. We hope to take a photo in front of the “Welcome to Utah” sign, which also gives us a chance to see the “Welcome to Arizona” sign on the return to the state.

Our biggest excitement on this long day for us is the hiking to see Horseshoe Bend. One of the most iconic places in Arizona. The idea is to hike to the location and back during sunset. The views are supposed to be spectacular.

We lay our heads for the night at Lake Powell Campground in Page, Arizona. The hope is to hit some fast food, nothing special, but we hope to eat at a place not available in the Northeast.

Our adventure continues in the morning, as we head to another iconic location!