Wednesday, August 19 | Day 6

Our sixth day is still up-in-the-air. However, this is our initial plan. We may skip heading down the river. However, we wake up in Sedona, Arizona and head out to Mesa for some Salt River Tubing, but first we eat.

Lunch will be served by Jalapeño Buck’s, where we stop for some badass barbecue! After filling up our stomachs, we head to the tubing spot. Floating down the river will take us about two hours.

Following some tubing, we head to the Mesa / Apache Junction KOA campground for a check-in and change of clothes. Then we head out for dinner and some drinks in Mesa.

We hope to have dinner at República Empanada before heading to Arizona Wilderness Brewing and Desert Cider House for some drinks.

Once our stomachs are full-up. We will turn in for the night in our campervan. We head south in the morning!