Thursday, August 20 | Day 7

Wake up in Mesa, Arizona and head further south to our next destination.

First up on our travels is Prep & Pastry in Tucson, Arizona for some much needed brunch. We will call ahead to let the know we are coming, it could be packed. After we fill our stomachs up with some breakfast food, our favorite, we will head to do some shopping.

We are excited to stop at Generation Cool in Tucson, stored owned by Slobby Robby. If you have not watched Slobby’s World on Netflix, please do. Hopefully we can pick-up some sweet retro gear while we are there.

Our ending destination for the night is the Tombstone RV Park and Campground in Tombstone, Arizona. We will relax and eat dinner at our campsite, but may venture out to historical Tombstone!

Wether we go out Thursday night or not, we will take on Tombstone in the morning1